February News

The whirl wind of Christmas, New Year break is finally over and I’m thinking we are all a little relieved to get back to normal routine…

Holidays are over, kids are back to school and hopefully you are back into your exercise routine as well.  If you are struggling to get your groove back this year, call us up and come in for a rev up, sometimes it helps if you can get another spin on your goals and we can give you a kick up the butt to get you going..

A bunch of us are doing the Belly Blitz Diet  – some for 21 days and others for 6 weeks.  In case you are ANTI anything with the word Diet in it, you are not alone.  It’s called a diet for want of a better word – really it’s just a healthy eating plan that helps you get off toxic food and into a rhythm of eating naturally healthy good foods.   Plus you are able to prove to YOURSELF that you can find time to get organized and plan your meals given the right way of doing it and added support.  The Belly Blitz Diet is free to all financial members and only $27  for anyone else, so if you want to jump on the band wagon just drop me an email and I will get you up to speed.

Welcome to all our new people who have joined us since the beginning of the Year.  We hope you really enjoy training  with us and learn a little on the way about how you can make exercise and activity a great part of your day rather then a terrifying chore like it is for many people.  The team at GMBB don’t profess to be the Fitness Freaks of the world but we do love to encourage and support whatever place you are at with your fitness levels and help to keep you improving day by day.

The feeling of strength and fitness is such a great euphoric feeling, its a shame it doesn’t catch on for everyone.

Our Birthday OPEN day is 25th February..  and don’t miss out on the First of many, Healthy Life Series Seminars that I am running on the last Saturday of every month 11:30am…

Healthy Life Series Seminar

What can you do NOW to get Healthy?

This First one will be all about the easiest things to do NOW that will make a difference to your life style and health habits.

Plus tips on how to sort through the confusion about healthy eating.

Free entry so bring your friends and family if they are still sitting on the fence about dietary changes.


Saturday Classes are changing on the 18th February.

Running training for the Fun Run on the 14th April will start at 7am (so it’s not too hot) and the schedule for meeting points will be available in the studio to pick up soon.

Saturday Studio class will become a little more intense and start at 8am as from 18th February – to bring us up to fitness for the tough mudder as well.  If you are wanting to do the Tough Mudder event I suggest you pay your fees asap because it is filling up fast and the price goes up the longer you leave it.  Our team name is GetMyBodyBack and I can email you the link if you are interested.  Many of us have already paid so let’s get to it.

Plus if you have friends who JUST want to train for the FunRun in April – they can train with us every Saturday for only $100 for the whole 8 weeks..  so just get them to come in and fill out the paperwork so we can get them in on the fun.

Happy Birthday GMBB Member:

Justine who is our ONLY February baby….

Hope you have a wonderful day and eat some cake :)

Best Wishes from the GMBB Team. 😆

Do you know someone with Diabetes

or is in the High Risk of getting it soon?  I just watched this DVD Simply Raw, last weekend and it is simply an amazing story and more importantly proof that Food is thy Medicine.  For 30 days 6 people with varying stages of Diabetes, all injecting insulin daily as well as other medication ate only RAW Vegetables and fruit.  Without ruining the whole story let’s just say they were all able to throw there medication away.  AWESOME

Buy your someone, this DVD as an inspirational message to try something new.

Until next month :)

Charlie G Hunter







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