January News 2012

The Family 70's Christmas party

Happy New Year to everyone and although it feels like we are getting ready for Easter (hot cross bun anyone?), we are determined to keep the months filled with events to keep you working towards and help you reach your goals.  We promise to constantly strive towards being able to offer a safe, supportive environment to get fit despite all the ‘stuff’ that life try’s to distract you with.

Why? Well because it happens to us too so we know how hard it is to stay motivated all year round.

The break was simply wonderful and the GMBB team hopes that everyone enjoyed the change in their routine as much as we did..  in saying that,  there was definitely a sense of appreciation for the routine as well.  Andrew and I came back from our holidays with a renewed respect for what we have here (with you) in our little studio and noticed how excited we felt to be back (it doesn’t feel like work at all).

This year being Year of the Dragon is set to be big..  WHY?  It’s a time for action and getting things done!  Time to stop talking about it and just getting on with it..

So our motto for this year is:

NO more reasons, Just Results! 

New T-shirts on the way

Events coming up

Everyone is talking about the Tough Mudder in September (will they, won’t they) BUT – We have a few other events we need to really start training for first.  Have a look on the Events Page here and sign up for  Relay for Life in February and the Fun Run in April.  Plus don’t forget the GMBB 1st Birthday party in Feb as well, all on the events page.  Read up about them and circle your calendars. Check out the Events Page Here

Birthday’s this Month  😀

Happy Birthday to Deb, Kim (just joined) Luciano, Karyn, Sonia & Peter for the month of January – Hope you have a great day and did something special for yourself.  My belief is that your birthday is your very own personal Happy New Year celebration and you should look ahead with a brand new perspective on the year ahead.  What do you want to achieve and learn as you grow another year wiser.   (notice I didn’t use the O word) Don’t even dwell on the age thing as it’s completely irrelevant, just think about another wonderful year of living and what experiences you still have ahead of you.

Timetable Changes

You might moan at the thought of changing the timetable again BUT it’s purely to streamline it a little and avoid the ‘which day is what time?’, conversation that we have been having lately.  Or is that just me?

Starting from Monday 30th January this will be the best way to remember evening session times.

Monday & Wednesday 5:45pm – 6:30pm Body Blitz & Strength Fit

Tuesday & Thursday 6pm – 7pm Boxing

There! Easy to remember and consistent with the classes.  Starts Monday 30th January 2012.

Sorry for messing you around before it was doing my head in too :)

Australia Day 26th Jan

There will be No 6 am class or 12:30 class on 26th January BUT a 10am Boxing class instead.  Plus we will still be running the 6pm Boxing class at night.  All PT sessions are booked the same so if you are going away it is your responsibility to let your trainer know ASAP if you won’t be attending your session on that day.  We don’t need any more breaks so it’s business as usual for us.

Well that’s it from me this month – Phew lot’s to tell you… and I’m sure there will be tonnes more to fill you in on when I get back on the 30th Jan.  Remember the special deal also that if you bring a friend for a free trial and they sign up – you get two weeks membership for FREE.

Nothing Tastes as GOOD as the Feeling of being Fit and Healthy….



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