Learn How to Box for Fitness

Boxing is a great way to get fit…

Boxing for fitness is FUN and incredibly beneficial to increase your fitness level and co-ordination skills.  So if your not planning on stepping into the ring and become the next Rocky of Queanbeyan.  Then this is the perfect opportunity for you.  Not that we don’t take boxing seriously enough to do professionally because we certainly do however we provide a slightly more relaxed atmosphere to train in and we welcome all demographics and fitness levels. 

Our youngest is 15yrs old and the oldest is 60 something, so if your somewhere in between that age bracket wondering what type of activity you could do to have fun and get fit then Boxing is for you.

The best way to get started is to book in for one of our Boxing Workshops held every two month on a Saturday morning.

The Boxing for Fitness Workshop runs for 2.5 hours and directed by Master Boxing Trainer and Fitness Expert Gavin Stone of Stone Fitness.   Gavin partners up with us to show you the best techniques and footwork to gain the best advantages out of your workouts every time.

boxing for fitness workshop queanbeyanThe difference between throwing a Good punch to an untrained punch is vast and makes all the difference to a Great workout.

Boxing builds strength, stamina, confidence and endurance.

PLUS once you have completed the Boxing for Fitness Workshop you can then start to attend the BoxFit classes on the timetable every week and continue with your fitness program.

Next Boxing for Fitness Workshop

TBA July 2012 at 9:30am – Register here for further details and claim your space. (Limited to 10 people and last one SOLD OUT)

Members Price or returning customer: $30 per person – Non member: $40 per person plus you get a free set of Punch wraps on the day (first time only)

Have a read about what others have said about the Boxing Workshops in the past …

8 thoughts on “Learn How to Box for Fitness

  1. We don’t have one scheduled at this stage Tara but will let you know should this change…

  2. To whom it may concern,
    My name is Tara and have just finished going to physiotherapy. The physiotherapist recommended that I start doing boxing to strengthen my back and neck and arm muscles. I had an injury at work last year wear an outskirt board fell and hit me in the head.
    My partner would also like to start boxing
    I was wondering when the next ‘Boxing for Fitness Workshop’ will be?

    Kind Regards

    Tara Page

  3. It is such a great way to learn how to get the most out of your boxing workout. Thanks Charlie for again getting the opportunity to participate and to Gavin who I was lucky enough to partner with for another hard and great workout. Will be back again for sure.

  4. Thanks Charlie, for organising a fantastic workshop and thanks Gavin for being such an awesome trainer. Both sessions were great – informative, challenging and fun (and very tiring). I would highly recommend these workshops to anyone.

  5. I only got to attend the very first boxing workshop, I was so sad not to have made the one recently held in May! As a lover of the boxing classes, going to the workshop helped me to work on my punches. One of my downfalls was the hook, but after one workshop session I can now do them properly. Gavin explains the technique in such a way that it just clicks. Thank you Charlie and Gavin for providing an environment that is inclusive and a pleasure to learn in.

  6. The boxing workshop was great! Learning the correct technique made a big difference, muscles that were not sore after previous boxing sessions were very sore on Saturday afternoon and for a few days after. I totally recommend these workshops to anyone. Thank you Charlie for organising these for us.

  7. Thank you Charlie for the opportunity to work with Gavin in the boxing workshop. Not only did it teach me technique to get the most out of future sessions but it also allows me to practice being a better partner! Four days later I can finally lift my arms above my head and walk up the stairs! I loved it and given the opportunity will definately do it again.

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